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DMS-395 Testament Dagger by dracostarcloud DMS-395 Testament Dagger by dracostarcloud
Since my site seems to be on permanent FUBAR, I'm going to upload new works here until I figure out a more reliable hosting situation.


Model Number: GAT-S02T
Code Name: Testament Dagger
Weapons: 2 x head-mounted CIWS, 2 x chest-mounted CIWS, 2 x hip-mounted beam pistol, machinegun (Aile Striker), 2 x beam saber (Aile Striker), shield w/ 2 x missile (Aile Striker), Trikeros Kai Offense/Defense System (Divine Striker), Giant Claw (Divine Striker)
Features: Mirage Colloid Jamming System, Hardpoint for mounting Striker packs

History: Following the successful deployment of the Testament Gundam in engagements against the Junk Guild and mercenary forces, the Earth Alliance decides to create a mobile suit with the Testament's ability to jam enemy sensors that can be produced on a larger scale. The Alliance's engineers draw upon the current OMNI mainstay, the Dagger L, and combine it with the special operations suit N Dagger N to create a potent support mobile suit. The Testament Dagger had the ability to increase its combat potential with Striker Packs, including the rare Divine Striker, possessed numerous forms of passive stealth, and was able to use a Mirage Colloid system to jam enemy targeting systems.

In live-fire combat trials, it was determined that the suit was a decent fighter on its own, but the Mirage Colloid Jamming System used too much power for the suit to use full-power beam rifles. Instead, it was typically armed with either the 105 Dagger's machinegun or low-powered beam pistols. The system also was less effective of battleships, which could more-easily use live spotters to aid targeting when their computers were jammed. It was also decided that, though the suit could arm any Striker Pack, the Testament Daggers would typically arm Aile or Divine Strikers to give the suit a combination of mobility and close-quarters ability.

Only five of these suits were constructed before the end of the Second Valentine War, though all the units served with distinction on battlefields across Earth with no casualties.

"Trikeros Kai" Offensive/Defensive System:
A enhanced version of the "Trikeros" Offensive/Defensive System used by the GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam. It's a large shield which wraps around the right arm and mounts three claws, a beam gun, a retractable sword blade, and stores a pair of beam pistols. (Gundam Wiki, Testament Gundam entry)
RaxkiYamato Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
what are the porpuse of this machines? (asking in a gundam way)
dracostarcloud Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
The original Testament Gundam had a device that could hack an enemy mobile suit's targeting computer to either remove the Testament from its targeting display or replace friendly units with the Testament's image. The Testament Dagger would do something like that, either making a target see allies as enemies or make the enemy units disappear.

Mirage Colloid systems use a lot of energy though, so the Testament Dagger is limited in how effective it can be in long battles.
RaxkiYamato Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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